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Newsletter (13 October, 2017)

Grytics Newsletter is a collection of articles, tips, use cases, how-tos, videos… about Facebook Groups. We deliver it each week for you. Follow our blog. Get news, insights, practices… Make the most out of your Facebook groups!

Here is the collection for this week:


Facebook’s rollout of groups for pages in July heralded a return to the concept of community and gave brands another method to engage audiences on a one-to-one basis, in a more controlled environment.

While groups have always been around, prior to this launch, brands themselves have never been able to set them up using their pages. Now pages can link to groups, encouraging fan discussion and, in some cases, fostering superfans and even customer advocacy.

In order to successfully capitalize on groups for pages, brand managers need to have resources in place in two important areas: moderation and content.

Keep reading to learn more about Facebook Groups for Pages.



Facebook groups are very important to grow your blog or website traffic. In contrast to SEO and most other methods of generating traffic to your blog, Facebook groups are a relatively easy and convenient way of increasing your website traffic. Once you start using them correctly, you will see immediate results! There are 3 ways to grow your blog traffic with Facebook groups:

  • Join Facebook groups in your niche!
  • Be active, be supportive!
  • Join a Facebook group on blogging & business tips!



Through his membership in the Facebook group “If You Grew Up in East Peoria, You Remember …,” Ken Christianson of East Peoria has become something of an amateur historian who focuses on East Peoria’s past. He joined the group in 2011 and became an administrator in 2013, largely because he had become by then one of the group’s more active posters, frequently sharing historical photos on the group’s page.

Read a Facebook group case about how a local resident shares memories of East Peoria on Facebook.