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Newsletter (06 October, 2017)

Grytics Newsletter is a collection of articles, tips, use cases, how-tos, videos… about Facebook Groups. We deliver it each week for you. Follow our blog. Get news, insights, practices… Make the most out of your Facebook groups!

Here is the collection for this week:

Facebook-Groups SMStudy

Facebook Group is a sub community with the Facebook community which is built for like-minded, similar interest loving individuals. Facebook Groups can be classified as Public, Private, or Secret. However when you build a community like Facebook Group the golden rule is that it’s a platform for the community members and not a platform about “you”.

Some interesting ways how a marketer can use a Facebook Group for marketing:

  • Make your Customers feel special
  • Join a Group to study current trends
  • Focus on building a community
  • Communicate with Social Media Influencers
  • Promote events



So you’ve created a Facebook Group – awesome! Well, now what? Here are 15 easy ways to market and promote your Facebook Group to grow your membership base.

  • Invite your Facebook ‘friends’ and Page followers (or anyone else for that matter) to your group.
  • Hit the share button below your group banner, to share your group on your Timeline, or a Page you manage.
  • Be sure to send an invite to your e-list, podcast guests and more!
  • Include the link to your group in your marketing material and email signature.
  • Use the url at the end of videos, podcasts, blogs as a call to action for folks to join.



The goal of the group Scleroderma Super Starz is to provide a safe, judgment-free environment for teens and young adults who are newly diagnosed or have already been living with the disease for some time. The Super Starz is there to educate, facilitate and support all members who need help.

At first, the group was only going to be for diagnosed patients. But later it includes also caregivers, spouses and loved ones who want desperately to be there and be a healthy support system.

Keep reading to learn about the case of the group “Scleroderma Super Starz”.