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Engage Your Facebook Group by Language, Platform, Browser and Location

Do you want to know where a link you have posted in your Facebook group is clicked? In which environment (languages, operating systems and browsers) it is clicked? You can see how to in this article.

1. First you need to use the Publishing Tool to share a URL link in your Facebook Groups. The link will be shortened automatically by Grytics with the prefix 1339.li


2.  After sharing your links with the Publishing Tool, you can see how many clicks get the links you shared and get insights.

From your dashboard, choose the group in which you have shared links with the Publishing Tool.


Click “Posts & Comments” and “Posts published with Grytics” on the menu on the left side. You can view all the posts published by the Publishing Tool, including information as post type, published date and clicks insights.


3. View Clicks Insights

After clicking “click analyzer”,  in the pop-up window, you get 5 interactive graphics which show you correspondingly the language, platform and browser usage in pie chart and the location distribution in world map and in pie chart.  When the mouse cursor floats above these graphics, you will see detailed statistics as click numbers and percentage.


Now with these new statistics, you can understand better your post performance and publish more engaging contents for your group.

  • Choose your content topic according to language


With language, you can see each time to which language speakers the post interest the most. For example, in your gastronomy group, you have published several posts about Italian food recipes, and you find more than 80% clicks are in Japanese. It shows that Japanese speakers are particularly interested in Italian food. Then you can create a group about Italian food and publish posts about this subject in Japanese. With this method, you can develop effectively your niche market.

  • Collect information for your content production and R&D department


Information about the operation system and browser is very valuable for your R&D department. For example, if you find that most of your group is using Google Chrome, you need to develop your product preferentially for Google Play market. Besides, knowing about the mobile operation system helps you make your mobile development strategy. Meanwhile, you can optimize your content such as size and layout since not every browser displays your content in the same way.

  • Segment your market by geography


Geographic segmentation is used in marketing to divide the market on the basis of geography by continent, country, state, region, city. It is very useful when you need to understand the needs and wants in different regions, and also their cultures and practices. For a small business or institution, with geographic segmentation, it is possible to focus on the market development in a certain region. For example, you are running an ecommerce business, you find that there are more clicks from the United States in outdoor equipment with high-tech material, then you can invest more Ads budget for the United States.

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