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Edit Scheduled Posts for Your Facebook Groups

Do you know how to edit a scheduled post for your Facebook group?

Sometimes, you may need to modify a scheduled post, as adding information, changing the photo or selecting another publishing time.

You can see how to in this article.

1. Find the post you want to edit

From your dashboard, click “Publishing Tool”. Find the scheduled post you want to edit in the “To do” list.

2. Edit the post

Click the button on the right side of the post. Click “Edit/View”.

View the scheduled post. Click “Edit” to modify it. Click “Delete” to remove it.

Modify the text or link. Remove the photo/video and add another one. Change the scheduled day and hour. When you finish editing, click “Confirm”.

You can view your edited post in the “To do” list. You can edit it again anytime.

To see how to schedule your posts, you can read the article “How to Schedule Your Posts Publication in Your Facebook Groups“.

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