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June 22, 2020

Discover how Naranja uses Grytics to identify great insights from every discussion and internal campaigns.

by Grytics

Founded in 1985, Naranja is currently Argentina’s main credit card provider. The company is known as one of the best places to work in the country and it was ranked 2nd in the prestigious Great Place to Work ranking.

Carla ALBERONI — Senior internal communication assistant, shared Naranja’s best practices with Grytics on Workplace with us.

When it comes to driving teamwork and bringing together an entire community, communication is key. This is currently perfectly illustrated at Naranja, where Grytics insights reveal that the workforce’s engagement on Workplace is constantly high. In fact, the tool was the perfect solution to measure engagement in discussions.

1- Improve knowledge sharing and help your community thrive

Recently, the company started using a new software for administration purposes. Most employees were discovering this tool for the very first time. To make sure they all can be comfortable and familiar with it, the internal communication team decided to track all questions about this software using Grytics’search function.

At first, they noticed too many questions and groups about the same topic: It was difficult for the team to answer all of them and employees couldn’t get easily the information needed.

Thanks to Grytics, they’ve been able to close all small groups and experts’ employees could be identified. All discussions are now happening in one single group that enables experts to proactively answer members’ questions. Also, a FAQ page has been created and it is now saving a lot of time. Grytics really helped to avoid information overload and it considerably improved knowledge sharing across the entire organization.

Indeed, considering #Hashtags or keywords in publications are recognizable and measured by Grytics, using its search feature proved to be the best way to easily gather every discussion on the same topic, along with comparing their reach on Workplace.

Furthermore, thanks to the evolution graph feature in Grytics’s Search function that indicates how many times keywords and hashtags are mentioned per month, it was possible to look at the number of questions being asked and to correlate a considerable decrease in questions with better-informed employees, thanks to knowledge sharing. A reminder that making employees comfortable with a new tool is critical to get the ball rolling.

2- Follow-up on internal campaigns and monitor topics

By using Grytics, the internal communication team was able to identify important insights from every internal campaign within Workplace. Many Naranja employees discuss trending topics on a daily basis (digital transformation, customer experience, etc.) and it was obvious that Grytics could help in making key insights emerge from those conversations, in addition to following every topic closely and providing updates on the latest news.

Encouraging employee participation in every discussion not only improved knowledge sharing at Naranja, but it also helped employees find inspiration by creating links within the company and fostered initiatives driven by them and for them.

With Grytics, the team was able to analyse the reach of all of campaigns. Ranking each post by employee engagement actually proved to be the best way to determine what kind of content could drive the entire Naranja community. In addition, it also provided insight on what improvements could be applied to keep engagement high.

Finally, when a campaign ends, an activity report can easily be exported and shared with management and anyone wanting to know more about Workplace usage. When it comes to leveraging employee participation and making them feel involved in their place of work, information sharing should be a top priority, and this is one of the several benefits of using Grytics with Workplace.

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