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How to analyze the evolution and activity of Facebook or LinkedIn groups over time ?

Grytics.com is a wonderful tool which allows you to export and analyze the data of your Facebook and LinkedIn groups. You will then get the opportunity to know for instance which members are the most active or the most engaged in your group.

After your subscription and your first group import, you will see the Key Statistics page.


Beyond giving you core statistics, Grytics.com is also used to aim and compare many months in order to notice trends. Members and posts statistics will be useful to do this.

Let’s start by going into « Posts » > « Posts Statistics ». We will learn in this blogpost how to compare your group’s activity from month to month.
On this webpage two graphs are very helpful: Posts and comments distribution by month.


We can quickly notice that February has been productive with 45 posts more or less. After an analyze, we can explain this increase by the welcoming of new members in the group but also with the weekly posts by the admins.


We can also notice a strong correlation between the number of posts and the number of comments, relative to your members’ engagement towards the group. To dig deeper your analysis, the date scope of the premium plan is here.


We will proceed to a greater analysis of January and February. Thanks to the Statistics Powerpoint Export, comparisons are easier: indeed, you will not have to change each time the desired period. We can then, for instance, focus on post engagement.


January has been more liked (45 versus 21 likes) but less commented than February (40 versus 79 comments). This can be explain by an increasing members number on the group which are more engaged, as we can prove it in this next comparison.


We can assure that, even if the number of likes decreased on the number of posts, the diversity of users is greater and so more members are participating in your group. This can be also checked in the first slide which recapitulates Key Statistics : 13 active members versus 25 in February. We can finally confirm it again with the top commenters.


Many other statistics can be compared across time. So what are you waiting for? Here are some examples : indentify influencers within your group or find the perfect day and hour to publish in your group.