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How Many Reactions in Your Facebook Groups

Do you want to know the total number of reactions and the total number of each reaction in your Facebook Groups? Reactions are an important engagement metric. The more reactions there are in your group, the more engaging your group is. You can see how to know the total number of reactions in this article. 1. [...]

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How to Find Your Facebook Groups Inactive Members

Do you want to know how many members are inactive in your Facebook Groups? Inactive members don't post, react or comment in your groups. To engage them, you need to know first who they are. You can see how to find your group inactive members and get their list in this article. 1. From your [...]

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How to Find Your Facebook Groups Influencers

Do you want to know who are your Facebook Groups influencers? Your groups influencers' posts get alway reactions and/or comments from other members. They help you build an active and engaging community. You can see how to find them, get their list and mosaic photo in this article. 1. From your dashboard, choose one of [...]

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How to Delete a Facebook Group from Grytics to Free the Slot

Do you need to delete a group from your Grytics account so you can add a new one? You can take the following steps to do it. From you dashboard, hover over the row of the group you want to delete and you will see a menu. Click "delete". Then click "ok" from the pop-up [...]

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See When Posts are Updated in Your Facebook Group

Do you need to follow your Facebook Group posts to get the updates for a trending topic, a discussion, an answer, a solution or an inspiration? You can see how in this article. 1. Choose and click one of the groups from your dashboard 2. Click "Posts" then "Posts & Comments List" You can click [...]

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How to Manage your Facebook Groups with Grytics Dashboard

Do you know how to use Grytics dashboard to view and manage all your groups? You can see how to in this article. 1. View and manage all your groups. Load the groups you admin. Search for a public group. Manage groups update and team access. Use the Publishing Tool. View and benchmark key engagement [...]

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How to Start Facebook Groups Analytics & Marketing

Do you want to know how your Facebook Groups perform and see your groups engagement metrics? Do you want to view your posts and members list, get your groups report and engage your group members? You can see how to start your Facebook Groups Analytics and Marketing in this article. If you haven't created your [...]

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How to Categorize Your Facebook Groups Members by Engagement

Do you know how to categorize your Facebook Group members by engagement? You can engage your members with different approaches. You can see how to categorize your members and get the lists in this article. 1. Understand Members categories Your Facebook group is not static. There are people who join and leave. There are members who [...]

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Manage Effectively Your Facebook Groups with Members List

Do you want to get your Facebook Group members list ? With group members list, you can manage effectively your group and get insights. In this article, you will see what you get in your Group Members lists (all members list, active members list, inactive members list, new members list and/or former members list) and how you [...]

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Get Inspired with Facebook Groups Comments List

Do you want to get all your Facebook Groups Comments in one list? You can see what you get in your Comments list and how you can use it in this article. 1. Get all your group comments data in one list Once you download your group posts list, you can open it with Excel. Then [...]

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