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Increase Engagement with Facebook Group Content

Do you want to increase engagement in your Facebook group? Use group content. It comes from your members. It tells what matters to them. It generates activities, interactions, engagement… Curate member-generated content. Get insights and inspirations for your communication, content creation, social sharing… Increase engagement of your Facebook group. Here are some tips: To start, here [...]

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Increase Your Facebook Groups Engagement, Enhance Your Community Management with In-depth Content and Members Analytics

Do you want to increase your Facebook groups engagement? Do you want to enhance your community management? Get in-depth content and members analytics. Measure, predict, improve your Facebook groups performance. To start, here are some how-to: Improve Your Facebook Groups Engagement with Key Metrics Manage Your Facebook Groups Data Updates Find What Your Facebook Groups [...]

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New features: Facebook Group shares counts, group deletion, group type & category and more…

Grytics has got updates recently. Some new features are now available, as "group posts shares counts", "groups navigation", "group deletion", "group type and category"… The summary page now has a new layout, designed to facilitate your group statistics display. The data export process is faster than before. Keep reading to see these updates. 1. Get [...]

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View all the posts you deleted, get insights with posts published with Grytics and know your former members – Grytics new features

Grytics has got a new updates. Now you can find in the "Posts & Comments" part all your "Deleted posts" and "Posts published with Grytics", and in the "Members" part your "Former Members". 1. View your deleted posts Sometimes, you publish or share a post in your group then you deleted it for some reasons. [...]

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Split your Facebook Groups active members into publishers, commenters and reactors , export Members Mosaics– Grytics Updates 2016

Grytics has got a update today. This update includes principally 3 new features. 1. Split your active members into publishers, commenters and reactors With this update, now you can split your active members into publishers, commenters and reactors. You can also split your reactors into likers, lovers, laughters, sad people, wow people and haters. Active members are [...]

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Give Honor to Your Groups Members with the New Wall of Fame

Since Wall of Fame has been launched as an engagement tool in Grytics, it has become quickly popular and is wildly used by Grytics Users. It is a great way to tell group members who are the top contributors, like top influencers, top engaged members, top commenters and top posters, during a certain period. People [...]

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Faster than ever before – Grytics Updates 2016

Grytics has got a major update today. This update includes 4 key improvements, 1 new tool and 1 new pricing plan. 1 Five to ten times faster than ever before For a better user experience, the group import and update time now is five to ten times faster than before. For groups of different size, you [...]

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Use Grytics to Publish at the right time in your Facebook Groups

Grytics is already delivering analytics about engagement and the days and hours when your members are the most active. If it is good to know, it is better to do. So now admins will be able to publish in their groups at times based on Grytics stats to improve members engagement as well as publications views [...]

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Grytics Major Updates

Hi, we are happy to announce you that we are improving Grytics this month. Here is a list of the new features. The posts limit per update is disappearing in favor of a days limit. All paid plans will be able to set their own time zone for reporting purposes. Concerning subscriptions : The Free version will [...]

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New Feature for updates : Evolution of key metrics

New feature : each time your group is updated (only available for subscribers), new statistics are displayed: Variation of engagement and activity and Evolution of key metrics over time

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