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9 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Groups

Do you need to grow your Facebook Groups? There are 9 ways you can use to recruit new members. To know how many members joined your group everyday, you can read "How to Know How Many New Members Joined Your Facebook Group on a Daily Basis". To tag your new members in your posts, you [...]

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9 Tips to Use Facebook Groups for Teaching

Facebook Groups are great for teachers to teach and engage students. Here are 9 tips about how you can use Facebook Groups for teaching. To see how students can use Facebook Groups, you can read "How Students Use Facebook Groups to Learn" Subscribe to our newsletter

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How to Choose Your Facebook Groups Type?

As Facebook Groups description and tags, groups types help people understand what your group is about. For example, you have created a group named "Computer Science". If you choose "study group" as your group type, people will understand that in your group they can learn new knowledge or skills about computer science. If you choose "project" as [...]

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How to Create Discussion Topic for Your Facebook Group

You may have already noticed, for some Facebook Groups, now there is a new feature "Discussion Topic". It is useful to archive your posts by topics and your group members can find them according to the topics you created. With Discussion Topic, you can build a small library for your group. You can see how to [...]

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6 Tips to Make a Successful Poll in Your Facebook Group

Poll is a usefull tool to collect feedbacks, get people involved and improve engagement for your Facebook group. Here are six tips to make a successful one. Subscribe to our newsletter

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How to Add Tags to the Facebook Groups You admin

Besides Facebook Groups name and description, tags can help people understand what your group is about. They are short key words which describe your group topics and activities. Tags also help people find your group by topics which interest them, if your group is a public or closed group. For example, if you have a [...]

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10 Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Groups

Do you want to optimize your Facebook Groups, get your members involved and build an active community? Here are 10 tips for you. Subscribe to our newsletter

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How to Change Facebook Groups Privacy Settings

Facebook Groups privacy setting is important. It determines who can find your groups via search engin, who can see your groups information and who can view your groups activities. When creating your group, you can choose the privacy settings among "public, closed and secret". You can see how to change your privacy setting in this article. [...]

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Facebook Groups Admin and Moderator, What Do They Do?

Very often, managing a Facebook Group is a team work. There are 2 different roles: admin and moderator. The admin is the top manager and manages all the group settings. The moderator is in charge of the daily operation. In this article, you can understand the differences between an admin and a moderator. Subscribe to our newsletter

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How to Create a Facebook Group

With a Facebook account, everybody can create a Facebook group. You can see how to in this article. Subscribe to our newsletter

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