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« How to » authorize access to your group data to another user

1. Click "My team members" on the menu. Click "INVITE" in the top-right corner of "Your team members". 2. Specify your team member's Grytics account email address. Choose the groups this member can access. Click "INVITE".

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« How to » update your group data

1/ Select “Manage & Update” menu 2/ An “Update Data” box is displayed. Click on “Update all the group data”

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« How to » select date range for your Facebook Groups Statistics

1. Choose one group from the dashboard. 2. Select date range Click the "date range" button on the top-right corner. Select "All", "Last 7 days", "Last 14 days", "Last 31 days", "Last 90 days" or click "Custom" to select a period. To get data for the periode you want, like for the last 12 months or since your [...]

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« How To » Find Facebook Groups Metrics Definition

After selecting a group in the Groups dashboard – My groups, in the Metrics definition, view the metrics definition.

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« How To » Find the Most Liked or Commented Posts in your Group

1. Choose one of your groups from the dashboard 2. Click "Posts & Comments" and then "Posts Statistics" on the menu on the left side to see your group top, most liked and most commented posts Group top posts are those which get the highest engagement score. Post engagement score = 2*number of comments + number [...]

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« How To » Change Your Reports Cover and Logo

After selecting a group in the Groups dashboard – My groups, in Download Reports - Customize your reports, upload your logo and cover picture.

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One of the feature of Grytics is to generate your Reports in PDF, PowerPoint or CSV. You can now customize these ones for a professional use.   On the left side menu , click on Download Reports. Click on Customize your reports : You land on this screen : Via this page you can change [...]

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Facebook : Which metrics to use for your business and how to do it ?

According to Avinash Kaushik’s article “How to suck at social media : an indispensable guide for business” (http://www.kaushik.net/avinash/social-media-marketing-success-guide-businesses/), Facebook is not only a social media that help you stay close to your relatives but can also help your business to improve itself. Maybe you already know it but do you use all features that can [...]

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What does your Facebook report look like?

We provide Powerpoint reports designed for social media analysis, filled with analytics, metrics and information about members.

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