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Save Time and Simplify Your Reporting with Facebook Groups Automated Reports

Do you want to save time and simplify your Facebook groups reporting? Have you ever thought that your Facebook groups reports automatically generate themselves and refresh? With automated reports, you can directly receive by email a PDF file which includes your group analytics, KPIs, top posts, top members … With automated reports, get constant updates for all your groups at [...]

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5-Stage Approach: How to Benchmark Facebook Groups to Build a Thriving Community and Business

Facebook Groups are great for business development, community building, investigation & research … To enhance your operations and grow your business, you need to keep watching and assessing your groups performance. Groups benchmark is an effective and comprehensive assessment method. By comparing KPIs, identify the most performing groups and understand why. Discover where your groups [...]

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5 Tips to Make a Successful Investigation via the Grytics Search Solution within Your Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups contain valuable information and resources. Whether you need to conduct an academic research, marketing study, community inquiry… , or you are looking for answers, suggestions, practices… , the Grytics Search Solution can help you make a successful investigation. If your groups are a library, the search helps you get the references. If your groups [...]

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Get the Most out of Albums & Photos of Your Facebook Groups

Pictures and photos are one of the most used content types on social media. They convey effectively the message to your audience. When a post contains an image, it is more attractive for the audience. It may reach more people, get more chances to be read, and engage your audience. Facebook Groups Albums & Photos [...]

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Get Custom Facebook Groups Statistics

Do you want to get custom statistics of your Facebook groups, like statistics only generated by members? You can get statistics only generated by members, not by admins or moderators. You can get your group Wall of Fame and members mosaic collages without admins and moderators. You can see how your group is performing without some top engaged members. [...]

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Evaluate Your Facebook Groups Growth and Evolution with Metrics Comparison

Do you know how to evaluate your Facebook groups growth and evolution? You need to compare your groups metrics across two periods. Have there been more activities in August of this year or of the last year? Have there been more posts or comments in this quarter or last quarter? Have your members been more [...]

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Find What Your Facebook Groups Members Care About

Facebook Groups are a good place to share what you care about with the people who care about it most. Do you know what your members care about? You can get a clue with your groups top posts, since your members reacted and commented the most. You can get insights from posts statistics like post [...]

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First Step to Improve Your Facebook Groups Members Engagement

Every Facebook Groups creator and admin wants to see a dynamic and prosperous group. An engaging community isn't built in one day. You write the group description and elaborate guidelines. You add and recruit new members. You publish posts, tag members, add photos and videos… You organize activities and encourage members' participation. With time and [...]

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Always Get Your Facebook Groups Data Up to Date

With the latest data of your Facebook Groups, you can see recently how your groups have been doing. You can get the newest statistics, posts, comments, members lists ... to increase your groups engagement and for your community management. You can view and manage your groups automated updates. Here is how you can update your [...]

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Follow Up in One Place All the Posts You Have Published in Your Facebook Groups

Sharing information and resources with your members is part of your Facebook Groups admin job. You may have published a post explaining what your group is about, what members can do and can't do… You may have shared news, tips, studies, cases etc. for your members' inspiration and discussion. You may have organized activities like [...]

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