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Get Grytics API for Your Facebook Groups

The Grytics API is the ultimate tool for your Facebook Groups. With our API you can get and use all the stats and KPIs directly from Grytics. We provide this API to the Pro & Enterprise subscriptions. Go to your “API Access” page Generate the access and you will have three parameters necessary for you [...]

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Create Your Facebook Groups Publication Calendar

Do you want to create a publication calendar for your Facebook groups? With a calendar, you can schedule and publish your posts in your groups at the given time. You can easily view all the scheduled posts, the published posts and the publication time. You can see how to create it in this article: Schedule [...]

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Authorize Your Team to Publish a Post in Your Facebook Groups

Do you need to authorize your team to publish a post in your Facebook Groups ? You can see how to do it with the Publishing Tool in this article. 1. Share access with your team First you need to share access to your Facebook Group with your team. Once getting access, your team member(s) can [...]

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Edit Scheduled Posts for Your Facebook Groups

Do you know how to edit a scheduled post for your Facebook group? Sometimes, you may need to modify a scheduled post, as adding information, changing the photo or selecting another publishing time. You can see how to in this article. 1. Find the post you want to edit From your dashboard, click "Publishing Tool". Find [...]

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Learn to get Analytics and Insights from your Facebook Groups (Video)

Do you know how many active members there are in your Facebook groups? Do you know how many reactions and comments your group gets in total? Have you already got analytics and insights from your Facebook Groups? As Facebook groups admin and user, you should use statistics to follow up what happened in your group [...]

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Get Your Facebook Groups Members Mosaic Collage

Do you want to get your Facebook Group members mosaic collage? You can use the mosaic collage to create activities and increase engagement. You can upload it as your group cover, create a post with photo, create an album, tag your members, use it on your website, blog, social media, report, presentation, email ... You will see [...]

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Find Your Facebook Groups Top Reacters

Do you know who are the top reacters in your Facebook Groups? Reacters are active members. They interact with group posts and comments. They give their emotion and attitude feedback. The top reacters help you build an engaging community. To delight and engage them, you need to know who they are and how many reactions they have. [...]

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Find Your Facebook Groups Most Liked Comments

Do you know which comments get the most likes in your Facebook groups? Comments are important content generated by members. In comments, you can find feedbacks, recommendations, criticism, opinions, inspirations... Through comments, you can know what members think about a topic, a picture, an event, a question, a product ... Comments can give you ideas for your product development, your service [...]

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Quickly Tag Your Facebook Groups Members

Do you know how to easily and quickly tag your Facebook Groups members? Tagging members in your group post is a good way to engage your members. The tagged members will get notification about your posts. You invite them to read your posts, react and participate in the conversation. You can use tags to welcome new members, get opinions from [...]

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Manage Your Facebook Groups Data Updates

Do you know how to manage your Facebook Groups data updates and always get the latest statistics of your groups? You can see how to in this article. By setting up the update, you can choose when you want your group data to be updated. 1. From your dashboard, click "My automated updates" on the [...]

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