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Blog Posts : Facebook Groups Story

How fans use Facebook Groups to share their viewing experience and get connected: the “CBS Sunday Morning” case

"CBS Sunday Morning" is a public Facebook group for people interested in the show "CBS News Sunday Morning". Created a number of years ago, this group has now 19 516 members. This community gives its members a place to express, to share their viewing experience and to enjoy the show more. This community gives its [...]

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See how students use Facebook Groups to learn

"No Name Yet" is a closed group for students from Myanmar. Created 3 months ago, this group now has 51 members, mainly from different regions of Myanmar. Members can share not only academic subjects, but also things that are good for others, like inspirations, study tips, philosophies, ideas and culture. Sai Thunn Khay and his [...]

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How Small Towns can use Facebook Groups to Create Social Link : the “We Love Bury St Edmunds!” case

"We Love Bury St Edmunds!" is a closed Facebook group for local residents and people who have lived in the town of "Bury St Edmunds" in Suffolk, England. This group is built for people to share the Collective Community Memory. Created on 18th December 2015, this group has now 13 317 members. On 18th December 2016, [...]

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Discover the biggest Orange employee community behind the Facebook Group “Tu sais que tu bosses chez Orange…”

"Tu sais que tu bosses chez Orange.... (You know that you work in Orange…)" is a closed Facebook group for employees who work for Orange (French multinational telecommunications corporation). This community was created in May 2014 and now has 8 284 members. It is the biggest private community for Orange's employees. It aims to get [...]

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Learn how to make your own juice in the Facebook Group “Flavour Boss”

Flavour Boss is a closed Facebook Group for people who love mixing juice, from complete novices when it comes to mixing all the way to very experienced mixologists! This community has been created just over 1 year and had recently a birthday celebration on the group. From Cornwall to John O'Groats, people all meet up [...]

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Find the best beauty offers in the Facebook Group “Cazadoras de Maquillaje”

Cazadoras de Maquillaje (Makeup Hunters) is a closed Facebook Group. Created in February 2015, this group has now 8 108 members, who are makeup artist, makeup lovers, sales lovers and bloggers in Mexico. Members only pay $5 for the product that costs normally $18 As the group name shows, group members are hunters, looking for new [...]

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Join the debate on peace, security and defence with people from all over the world in the Facebook Group NATO Engagement

Created on the 15th March this year, "NATO(North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Engagement" is a closed Facebook group for opinion formers, professionals, young adults and youth from all over the world, with either interest, background or/and expertize in NATO’s agenda. Now there are 2 194 members in this group. Engage in the commitment to safeguard freedom and [...]

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Ask & Answer questions about Jordanian daily life in the Facebook Group ASK WWE

ASK WWE is a closed Facebook Group for People who live in Jordan. WWE means World Window Entertainment. Created 2 years ago, now this community has 195 110 members, who are mainly local residents, professionals, experts in all domains, and 10 group admins. This group is serving the community This group aims to give members a place [...]

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Meet women broadcasters in the Facebook Group “She Broadcasts”

She Broadcasts is a closed Facebook group for women entrepreneurs. After 6 months since its inception, the group has now 484 members, who are mainly speakers, coaches, authors and entrepreneurs. When you are a shining light it gives others permission to do the same The objective of this group is to connect like-minded women entrepreneurs [...]

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Fighting the disability taboo in the Facebook Group “Tu Sais Que Tu Es Handicapé Quand…”

"Tu Sais Que Tu Es Handicapé Quand… (you know that you have a disability when…)" is a public French community for people with disabilities or people who have activities related with disabilities, created in 2014 by Legendre Guillaume, disability consultant. There are now 3 049 members. The objective of this group is to fight against [...]

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