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Blog Posts : Facebook Group Fundamentals

How to Use Facebook Groups Member Request Settings

Do you know how to use Member Request Settings to manage your new members approval for your Facebook Groups? You can learn how to in this article. You will learn how to set up priorities like place they've lived, work and education how to add questions for your pending members how your pending members can [...]

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How to Use Facebook Groups to Engage Your Customers

Facebook Groups can help you build your own customers community and engage your customers for two reasons: Your customers are on Facebook. They use Facebook everyday to read, post, react and comment Facebook Group is great to connect and engage people who have the common interest, which is in your case your brand, product and [...]

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How to Choose the Right Privacy Setting for Your Facebook Group

Facebook Group privacy setting determines who can find your group, who can see your group information as members' names, group tags, posts… According to the privacy level, there are three settings: public, closed, secret. In this article, you will learn how to choose the right one for your group. 1. Answer 4 questions Do you [...]

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How to Know When a Facebook Group was Created

Do you need to know when a Facebook Group is created? Well, you can always scroll down to the first post of the group to see when it was created, but it can be very time-consuming and tiring. You can see a quick way in this article. Subscribe to our newsletter

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How to Send Messages to Facebook Groups Members

Facebook Group chat is a useful feature to facilitate the communication among group members. This article will show you how to start a chat with members of a Facebook group you are in. Subscribe to our newsletter

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How to Choose Your Facebook Groups Type?

As Facebook Groups description and tags, groups types help people understand what your group is about. For example, you have created a group named "Computer Science". If you choose "study group" as your group type, people will understand that in your group they can learn new knowledge or skills about computer science. If you choose "project" as [...]

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How to Create Discussion Topic for Your Facebook Group

You may have already noticed, for some Facebook Groups, now there is a new feature "Discussion Topic". It is useful to archive your posts by topics and your group members can find them according to the topics you created. With Discussion Topic, you can build a small library for your group. You can see how to [...]

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How to Create a Poll in Facebook Groups

Using poll in your Facebook Group can help you know better your members and collect opinions about a topic. It is also a good way to increase interaction among members and enrich group activities. You can see how to create a Poll in Facebook Groups. Subscribe to our newsletter

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How to Add Tags to the Facebook Groups You admin

Besides Facebook Groups name and description, tags can help people understand what your group is about. They are short key words which describe your group topics and activities. Tags also help people find your group by topics which interest them, if your group is a public or closed group. For example, if you have a [...]

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