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Blog Posts : Facebook Groups Fundamentals

Discover What Your Facebook Groups Members Have in Common Via Group-Specific Profiles

Do you want to learn more about a member of your Facebook group? You can discover what your Facebook group members have in common via their group-specific profile when you click on their name. Get a brief introduction, like how long they've been a member of the group, whether you have mutual friends, whether you have common [...]

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Find Facebook Groups Admins with Admins Badge

How many admins are there in your Facebook groups? Do you know who they are? Admins are important roles. They make or remove an admin or moderator. They manage group settings like changing the group name, cover photo or privacy settings. They approve or deny membership requests and posts… They help build an engaging environment. [...]

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Facebook Groups Admin Guide 2017 (2nd Edition)

Do you know how to use Facebook Groups features like linking groups and pages, asking pending members questions...? Get the 2nd edition of Facebook Groups Admin Guide: https://1339.li/2tbGFZOd See how to use almost all the features for your Facebook groups.

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5 Ways to Tag Your Facebook Groups Members

Do you know how to tag your Facebook groups members ? Tagging members is a good way to start a conversation, increase the visibility of your posts, engage your members and build a relationship with them. When you tag members, you create links to their profiles. Other members can click on the names and go to see the tagged [...]

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Create Customized Chats with Members in Your Facebook Groups

Do you want to chat with your Facebook groups members? Your members and you will be able to create customized chats with selected group's members. You can build together a list of chats by topic. Your members and you can view and join chats. It is a cool feature for your group communication and to keep conversations [...]

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How to Create an Album for Your Facebook Groups

Do you know how to create an album for your Facebook groups? Album is a great tool to keep and organize your group photos and engage your members. You can create albums by theme, event, date, type of photo... Your members can find, view and add photos. They can also react, comment and tag in the [...]

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Link Existing Facebook Groups to Your Groups

Do you know how to link existing groups to your groups? Are there other groups that members should know about? Admins can link them and they'll appear near the top of your group so that members can find them. It's a good way to let members know about relevant groups. You can see how to [...]

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Add a Location Tag to Your Facebook Groups

Do you know how to add a location tag to your Facebook groups? If you're an admin, you can add a location tag to your group. Adding a location tag will help people search for and discover groups that are relevant to their area. You will see how to in this article: Add a location tag View [...]

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How to Link Your Facebook Groups and Pages

Do you want to link your Facebook groups and pages together? You can make your page(s) as your group admin(s). Your page(s) can post, react and comment in your group(s). Your groups members and visitors can find your page(s) from your group(s). Your pages fans and visitors can find your group(s) from your page(s). You can see [...]

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11 Ways to Monetize Facebook Groups

Do you want to know how to monetize Facebook Groups? Facebook Groups are good places for sharing, discussion and networking. They are also a gold mine where you get plenty of opportunities to earn revenue. For example, you can sell the stuff that may not be useful for you anymore but can help other people. [...]

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