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October 21st, 2021

Back to Office: How to Effectively Monitor and Manage Your Workforce

by Grytics

Your people are returning to the office – but hybrid work is here to say. 90% of organizations are planning to keep a hybrid workforce, and 88% of workers prefer it.

In this short blog, we’ll explore:

  • Why you need a new approach to monitor and manage your hybrid workforce
  • How to use your workplace collaboration tools in a hybrid work environment
  • How Grytics can help you take control of your hybrid workforce

On-Prem vs Hybrid: Why You Need a New Approach

To take control of your hybrid workforce, you will need to:

  • Stay in constant contact with your employees.
  • Build a new sense of shared purpose and value.
  • Keep your employees connected and collaborating.
  • Measure how they feel about their new work environment.
  • Tweak your strategy as needed to keep everyone happy and productive.

You need a new approach to monitor and manage your people and here’s what it looks like:

Unfortunately, you can’t do all of this the same way that you used to. You no longer have physical, in-person access to your people at all times, and often you won’t even know where your people are working from.

3 Steps: How to Use Your Workplace Collaboration Tools

To monitor and manage your new hybrid workforce, you must:

1. Focus on your workplace collaboration tools

Yammer, Microsoft Teams, and Workplace from Meta give you a single “home” where you know you can reach your people no matter where they’re physically located.

2. Use data from these tools to drive decisions

Your tools generate all the real-time data you need to see how your employees are connecting, collaborating, and consuming the campaigns that you feed to them.

3. Deploy Grytics to make it all easy

Grytics pulls real-time data from these tools, rapidly performs actionable analytics, and gives you the core information you need to intelligently monitor and manage your hybrid workforce.

Key Features: How Grytics Helps with Hybrid Work

Grytics is a modular platform that lets you select and deploy multiple features. All of our features help to monitor and manage hybrid workforces, including…

  • Campaign Search, Bulk Tagging, and Content Metrics:

Quickly find every post for each of your campaigns and see how they’re delivering.

  • Member Metrics and Sentiment Analysis:

    View a wide range of real-time engagement metrics for your employees.

  • Axes and Segments:

    Drill into your data to analyze your different groups.

The Road Ahead: Are You Ready for Hybrid Work?

Hybrid work is here to stay.

And we’re here to help you monitor and manage your new workforce.

To learn more about how to prepare for hybrid work, get in touch with our team.

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