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Archive Posts of All Your Facebook Groups

Do you know how to archive posts of all your Facebook groups?

Groups posts contain valuable information. They can be topics which interest your group, questions your group cares about, feedbacks, stories, use cases, content curation … They let you understand your group and increase community engagement. It’s necessary to archive them and the statistics they generated, like engagement score, reactions, comments…

With posts lists, you can rank posts. You can find top posts, top reacted and top commented posts.

You can discover if the same post is in several groups and how many groups it is in. You can see in which groups it gets more reactions and comments.

You can share the lists in your groups, like a posts index. You can share them with your team and customers for further analysis and groups management.

Here is how you can get posts of all your groups, in separate lists per group and in one list for all:

  • Click on a group photo to select a group. (Click it again to unselect it).
  • Choose “Get key stats in Xlsx” from the list in the top-left corner. Click “Apply”.
  • Click “Get all in one zip” or “Get all in one xlsx”.