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Time interval selection and comparison

Time range selection tool allows you to view your data at any specific period since you began to use Grytics.

Time interval comparison tool gives you the possibility to benchmark your group performance across time.

Choose your data time range

With time interval selection tool, you can go back to any time period since you began to use Grytics (except for free plan subscriber) to see your group statistics.

Just choose the beginning and the end of the time period and you will get the data.

Time interval selection tool is only available for premiun, pro and entreprise plan subscribers.


Compare your group performance across two periods

With time interval comparison tool, you can compare you group performance across two time periods and quantify your progress over weeks, months and quarters.

By comparing all the key indicators such as activity score, engagement score or active members numbers, you can see clearly how your group evolves and check what goes well and what doesn’t.

You can export the comparison table in EXCEL.

Time interval comparison tool is only available for pro and enterprise plan subscribers.