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Publishing Tool for your groups

Grytics can help you publish texts, links, pictures and videos in your Facebook group at the time you want

Automated publishing tool

If you are an admin of a Facebook group, you can use Grytics to publish contents as:

  • a simple status
  • a link
  • a picture
  • a video

This feature is only available for premium, pro or enterprise plan subscriber.


Once you have written your post, you can choose to publish it:

  • Now : your post will be published to your Facebook group right away
  • Later : you can choose the time when you want it to be published and Grytics will publish it for you at that time
  • At the right time: you can publish your post at the time when your post will create the most engagement, according to Grytics analysis.

The right time to publish inside your group

Thanks to Grytics statistics, now you can know the right date and time for your posts publication.

Get more engagement and make your posts seen by more members!