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Posts Statistics

Posts are the fuel of your group. With post statistics, you can evaluate your content strategy and gain insights about engaging topics and content type.

Best Posts

Besides top posts, you will see the most reacted posts and the most commented posts. You will understand which posts get the most emotional feedbacks and which posts keep the longest conversation.


Interactions on posts

“Interactions on posts” bar chart shows you how the group posts engage members and how many posts get comments or reactions.


Post activity

You can discover by month, day and hour the post volume in your group and know when the most posts are published.



Comment statistics

Comments are valuable feedbacks. They tell you how your members think about the posts and inspire you new ideas.

With comment statistics, you will get information such as the average words per comment, the average comments per post etc.

You will also get a list of all the most liked comments to see which members or ideas are appreciated.

You can view the comments activity by month, day and hour. Like post activity, they tell you when your group gets the most active members.


Post lists

You can get the list of all the posts and sort it by date, engagement, reactions and comments.

You can use it for your content research or simply to archive your posts.


Posts tags

You can add tag(s) to your posts. Then you can filter your posts list by tag(s) and export your tagged posts lists in Excel.


Deleted posts

View all the posts you have excluded from your statistics. You can also re-include them into your statistics.


Posts published with Grytics

If you have published posts with Grytics publishing tool, you will get a list of all these posts. You can see how many clicks your posts get. You can see the post content, cover image, type, published date and click insights.

With click insights, you can track your post clicks by language, platform, browser and location. These insights are useful for your marketing and R&D project.