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Members Statistics

Members, specially, those active ones are valuable asset. Knowing different members categories, you can manage and engage them with different approaches.

In members statistics, you can split your active members into publishers, commenters and reactors. You will see each type of reactors.

You can see who are the non-publishers, non-commenters, non reacters and inactive members.

You can see active members volume by month, by day and by hour to learn when the most members participate in your group activities.

You can view and get different types of members lists.

Active members type

Split your active members to see how many publishers, reacters and commenters are.

Split also your group reactors into “like, love, haha, wow, sad and angry” to see their percentages.


Best members

In each group, there are always some members more active than the others. These members are the engine of your community. To help you recognize them, Grytics offers you

  • Top posters list
  • Top commenters list
  • Top reacters lists
  • Top engaged members (who have posted, commented and reacted the most)
  • Top influencer ( whose posts have received most comments and reactions)

Individual statistics

You can view a specific member’s individual statistics to learn more about this member. You just need to enter this member’s name and then click the one Grytics finds.

Then you will see detailed information such as numbers of likes, wows, hahas, coments, posts… You will see this member’s top 10 reacters and commenters. You will get also all this member’s posts list and comments list.

With individual statistics, you can get close to each of your members.


Members list

You can view all your group members and their engagement metrics. You can export your members list in Excel.


Active members list

Active members are your group’s core. Thanks to them, your group is alive. You can sort this list by order of name, engagement, reactions, comments, post, last activity or first activity, and export it.


Members tags

You can add tag(s) to your members in your members list and active members list. You can filter your members by tag(s). You can export your tagged members list.


Inactive members

Recognizing active members is great. For a complete group diagnosis, it is also necessary to identify inactive members. Inactive members can be those who don’t neither post, react nor comment. They are the non-engaged members.

Besides, there are another type of “inactive” members, such as non-publishers, non-reacters or non-commenters. You can engage these members with different approaches.

For example, for members who never post, it is probably because they don’t know what they can post or they are never told to do so. For non-reacters or non-commenters, the group posts may not interest them. You can send them different messages to ask them the reasons or simply give them some examples to show what they can do.


Former members

Former members are those who left your group. To know who they are helps you understand why they left. You can also engage them again by asking them if they want to be added back.