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Engagement tools

Why do you need statistics about your group? Because you want to optimize your group activity and engage your members, besides getting insights and evaluating performance.

Grytics Engagement tools help you get your job done.

Engage members with lists

Among all the categories of group members, there are three types you need to pay attention to. They are the inactive members, former members and new members.

Inactive members are those who don’t neither post, react nor comment. You should be curious about why they never do that in your group. Is your group not attractive enough for them?

Former members are those who left your group. It is always helpful to know the reasons why.

New members just joined your group. It is a good opportunity to enhance their impression about what your group is about, what they can get and what they can do.

With these lists, you can make easily your research or send customized message.


Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame is useful to engage active members. It is designed for you to say “thanks” to your group members, give them honor and encourage them to participate more in your group activities.

It is fun and awesome. Just with some clicks, Grytics will generate for you a photo mosaic of the top members. It links to a page which shows the top influencers, top engaged members, top commenters and top posters.

You can share the mosaic photo directly in your group, page, and timeline, send it by email and messenger, or use it for your reporting.


Publishing tool

Grytics publishing tool helps group admin schedule automatic publishing in the group.

You can publish a status, a picture, a video or share a link and choose the time. Then Grytics will do it for you.

According to Grytics diagnosis, you can see the best time to post in your group.