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Grytics is a professional solution for Facebook Groups. Get analytics and management tools for your Facebook groups. Have a look at Grytics features:



Measure, predict, improve with the engagement score, activity score …


Executive Summary

Get the full picture. Track, monitor, compare. Discover how your group has been doing.

In-Depth Content Analytics

Get detailed insights about the content. Enhance your community management.

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Automated Reports

Simplify your reporting. Receive your group report by email.

Download Reports

Get a PDF or PPT file with KPIs, top publications …

Customize Reports

Add your logo and cover page.

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Groups Management

Privacy and Groups Import

Add and analyze Facebook groups only if you are an admin.

Groups Dashboard

Manage all your groups in one place.

Benchmark Groups

Compare KPIs. Assess performance. Find the best practices.

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Publications Management

Top Publications

Find the most popular posts, photos, videos…

Posts, Comments, Albums & Photos, Videos, Files, Docs

Manage your group publications and content in one place.

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Analysis Tools


Set the timezone. Get statistics based on the local time of any region.

Automated Updates

Always get the newest data with automated updates. Select the hour and schedule the update.

Time Selection

Select any time range for your analytics.

Compare KPIs of two time intervals.


Add tags. Organize and categorize.

Sort and Filter

Sort groups, publications, and search results.

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Publishing Tool

Publish and schedule posts (text, link, photo, and video). Find the best time to post. Create your publication calendar. View the publication history. Track publications (statistics, link clicks…)

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Teamwork Tools


Coordinate teamwork. Invite team members to access your group. Your team members do not necessarily need to be admins of your group.


Get and use all the stats and KPIs directly from Grytics.

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Data Export

Statistics & Content in Excel

Export data from one group or multiple groups : posts, comments, photos, videos, …

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History Data

Get initial data of the last 30, 90 or 180 days with a subscription.

Launch the import of the last 12 months history or the full history since the inception with a history product.

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