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All Facebook Groups analytics features

Grytics gets for you Facebook Groups statistics and metrics.

Grytics helps you manage all your groups in one place.

Grytics gives you tools to engage your group members.

With Grytics, you can

  • import any public group or the closed/secret group you administer,
  • gain insights with key statistics, post statistics and members statistics,
  • compare your group performance across two date ranges,
  • get historical data since your group inception
  • keep your members on board with engagement tools (members lists, Wall of Fame and Publication tool) and
  • export directly report, graphics and lists for your reporting.

You can update automatically to get always the newest data and work with your team members in the same account.

1 – Facebook group import and global setting

The first step is to import your group.

You can import:

  • closed or secret group, only if you are an admin
  • any public group, even if you are not a member

To import the closed or secret group you admin, you can load and import them directly.

To import a public group, you enter the group name or url, or use the search tool.

The import duration depends on your group size. It means that for a group with more members, posts, comments and reactions, it takes a little longer time.


2 – Manage and benchmark all your groups in one place

You can manage all your groups in one place.

You can also benchmark key indicators of all your groups in the dashboard.


3 – Key statistics

Once the import process is finished, you will see in the “Summary” key statistics. They give you a quick and global view about your group performance and evolution.

You will see

  • Basic statistics (active members, engagement score, activity score, former members etc.)
  • Key figure evolution between two updates (for example, since last update, how many new reactions or comments you get; compared to the last update, how much engagement score raises…)
  • Top engaged members and top posts
  • Your group activity interactions (posts, reactions and comments) and post types

4 – Posts statistics


Posts are key elements of your Facebook group activity.

In posts statistics, you get:

  • Top posts list, most reacted posts list and most commented posts list with engagement score
  • Post type pie chart and interactions on posts
  • Post activity by month, by day and by hour
  • Comments statistics such as average numbers of reactions per comment, average word per comment
  • Posts and comments list (you can sort it by order of date, engagement, reactions and comments)
  • List of posts published with Grytics and click statistics (if you have published any posts with Grytics engagement tool)

You can use these statistics to evaluate your content strategy and make your publication plan.


5 – Members statistics

Members are the most valuable asset of your group. In members statistics, you can

  • spilt you your active members into publishers, commenters and reacters
  • get reacters statistics
  • view non-publishers, non-commenters and non-reacters statistics
  • view your active members numbers by month, by day and by hour
  • get top reactors, top commenters, top engaged members, top posters and top influencers list
  • search and view a member’s individual statistics
  • get active, inactive, new, current and former members lists (you can sort it by order of name, engagement, reactions, comments, posts, last activity and first activity)

6 – Choose your data time range and compare your group performance across two periods

With time interval selection tool, you can get your data at any time since you began to use Grytics.

With time interval comparison tool, you can compare your group performance in two different periods. You can benchmark indicator by indicator (post, reaction, comment, active member…) to see the evolution.

Positive results confirm your effort and help you measure if you have achieved your objectives; the negative results alert you that you need to take actions to make an improvement.


7 – Exports and reporting

You can download all your statistics as a report in PDF, PPT or EXCEL. You can customize your report by uploading your own logo and report cover.

You can export all the posts and members lists in EXCEL.

You can export all the graphics and charts in PNG, JPG, PDF and SVG.


8 – Engagement tools

Grytics engagement tools help you engage your members.

You can:

  • engage your members by exporting and using inactive, former and new members list (for example, sending customized messages to welcome your new members or a questionnaire to get feedbacks from your former members)
  • generate and share a Wall of Fame to say thanks to your top members and encourage them to participate more in your group activity
  • use publishing tool to schedule your post publication and publish them at the right time

9 – Your group History

Grytics can also give you a full archive of your group statistics since its creation or for the last 12 months.