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World Wide Fund for Nature
Mercado Libre

What our customers say

“Workplace is today our most important tool for supporting us in communicating with our quarantined employees and Grytics is essential to measure everyone's engagement”

“Grytics has been very useful for me, most especially when we are looking into some statistical report of Save the Children’s groups in Workplace. I have also been receiving requests to export such groups (that includes members, posts, etc.) and I use Grytics to do that, as it provides a whole lot of information. Lastly, given its built-in graphical representation, it’s easier for me to check the analytics of certain groups, and it’s even allowing me to export the data.”

“Grytics has been an essential tool in helping my organization track, analyse and improve on our Workplace data and engagement. With the friendly team members and quick response rates, the Grytics team and tool have been a key part in getting our Workplace platform a success!”